Choosing Energy Efficient Appliances20170105093230

Choosing Energy Efficient Appliances

5th January 20170
When looking for energy efficient appliances for your home, you need to look out for the energy ratings label on appliances and consider the size of the appliance that you require. How do energy label...
Mulled Wine20161210115019

Mulled Wine

10th December 20160
Mulled wine’s a pretty personal thing. Some people will swear by adding cloves into the mix, to give it that festive feeling, others will stick to different spices like nutmeg or allspice, or will t...
Selling your old kitchen…20161107094537

Selling your old kitchen…

7th November 20160
Have you pencilled into your calendar a day to rip out you existing kitchen?  Then STOP! You’d be surprised what good money your old kitchen will fetch on trading sites such as gumtree or in free a...
“Keep Calm and Carry On” During your Kitchen Project20160909121955

“Keep Calm and Carry On” During your Kitchen Project

9th September 20160
The excitement is building. Your dream kitchen is about to come to fruition. You checked the list twice, made negotiations on payment and signed off on everything. The demolition begins and suddenly ...
What should I do with my old appliances?20160826203152

What should I do with my old appliances?

26th August 20160
Disposing of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Electrical items should be disposed of carefully due to the nature of their materials. Items which have the image of a wheelie bin with a cross ...