Secrets of the perfect party kitchen

For the millennial crowd, staying in is officially the new going out.  Entertaining at home has never been so popular, or so stylish – as long as you have a great space in your home to help your guests relax and let their hair down!

Far from simply being a place to prepare meals, the kitchen is central to the whole concept of entertaining at home.  It’s the place people gravitate to, it’s the place where as a host, you spend the most time – so it makes perfect sense that the kitchen should also be a stylish, functional and welcoming space for guests to hang out, eat, drink and chat.

If entertaining is high on your agenda and you’re in the market for a swish new kitchen, follow our five golden rules for creating the perfect party hub right at the heart of your home…

Create a focal point

Every great kitchen has a central feature that creates visual impact, offering a talking point and a natural place for people to gather.  A statement dining table or a stunning kitchen island is the ideal starting point – add a spectacular light fitting above it and you’re in business.

Think about seating

Nobody wants to hang out in a room where they can’t sit down, but sitting around a table can feel a bit formal.  For a chilled party feel in your kitchen, incorporate a mixture of formal and casual seating into your design – dining chairs, bar stools, window seats and even an occasional armchair will work together to create conversation hotspots around the room.

Lighting is crucial

Lighting allows us to create mood in a room and in a multifunctional space like a kitchen, having versatility in your lighting design is essential.  Your kitchen should have bright task lighting so you can cook in comfort and safety, but the addition of dimmable, colour changing or statement lighting will allow you to switch up the atmosphere for after-dinner vibes.

Splurge on sound

Adding music into the mix creates a layered sensory experience and can help to underscore the mood of your gathering, whether it’s a formal dinner or a laid-back night with friends.  If you regularly entertain, having a sound system installed in your kitchen is an investment in seamless, surround sound that will earn you some serious hostess points with your guests.

Stock the bar

For ultimate wow factor, having a bar cabinet included in your kitchen design is the last word in cool, allowing you and your guests easy access to everything you need for mixing your favourite tipples!  If your budget won’t run to a built-in bar, it’s worth considering how another part of the kitchen such as a breakfast bar or island can be repurposed as an area for self-serve drinks and cocktail making.  And if space is tight, you could consider a retro chic drinks trolley or a butcher’s block on castors that can be stashed away when not in use.