Using a Decorative Splashback

A decorative splashback behind your countertop, sink, or stovetop is an excellent way to add a sense of style and class to your kitchen. It can be used to accentuate the rest of the design or colour scheme of the room, or it could be used as an impressive centrepiece. It can be sleek and simplistic or be ornate and exotic. In any case, here is a guide to ideas and considerations if you decide to add a decorative splashback to your kitchen.

Patterns – You can make great patterns using tiles for a splashback. You many prefer a highly ordered straightforward grid pattern, a brick pattern for a more rustic feel, perhaps a diagonal pattern to convey a sense of energy, or the grid pattern with diamond insert (which is perfect for stylised designs in the centre.) Most likely you will put a colour pattern – such as a straight-up checker design – or you will use a variety of different colours to create a mottled design. Whatever pattern you decide, take a moment to consider how well it meshes with the theme of your kitchen.

Materials – A variety of metals (stainless steel, copper, tin, etc.) can be used. They also are available in different finishes (short grain and long grain – consider in which direction the metal is brushed, or perhaps mix the two types of finishes for creative effect). Metal, of course, creates a more modern look, but ceramic, cement, and marble are traditional and popular as well. Many of them take their cues from traditional tile designs from around the world. Designers often warn against the use of tumbled marble saying that it is really too spongy for use in a splashback and soaks up anything.

Art – Depending on your tastes, you may want painted or ornate tiles at the centre of the piece. There are many artists offering decorative tiles including the traditional looks we all know well. However, more modern styles are available and can help brighten up your new kitchen!

Take these points into consideration if you decide to add some style to your kitchen, and remember how much latitude you have to be creative. You can also speak to our professionals about your ideas and they will help you bring them to reality.