Add Some Bloom

Have you ever noticed that when you introduce a vase of fresh flowers into your kitchen, you suddenly have the motivation to clear away everyday clutter?

So why not introduce more life into your kitchen with potted flowers, herbs and foliage to keep that ‘clutter-free’ frame of mind all year round. As well as cleaning the air, green house plants are a quick and easy way to decorate your cooking space by instantly adding a fresh and welcoming feel to any room.

Here we’ll suggest some ideal kitchen plants, (both edible and decorative), to consider for your home as well as innovative ways to house them.

Cook fresh with herbs

If you love cooking, or perhaps need some incentive to cook fresh, home grown herbs and veg are the best candidates for your kitchen. Classics such as basil, thyme and coriander are great versatile options that can be added to many everyday dishes. Or if your taste buds prefer hot and spicy, why not grow your very own chilli plant – one of the easiest plants to grow and they often produce a lot of fruit – perfect for drying, chutney making and giving to friends and family.

Housing your herbs and veg can be as simple as placing your pots on a sunny window sill to form a never ending display of edible greenery that you can simply snip and enjoy. However if your sill is already overcrowded, consider hanging planters which are ideal as you can hang them exactly where you need them! From tiered hanging wall features to pots hung from existing shelving and even pot racks above the counter space.Open shelving units also make for great herb location, sit them alongside your favourite cooking books, oils and chopping boards for everything you need in one place..

Add a touch of beauty with fresh flowers

Freshly cut flowers are the perfect way to instantly beautify your kitchen, whether they are from the garden or brought in, clear glass vases, jars or even milk bottles are the ideal blank canvas for any flower. Think seasonal too for a real natural touch, daffodils in spring, sunflowers in the summer, dahlias in the autumn and decorative twine and holly in the winter.

Introduce house plants

For longer lasting colour in the house, decorative house plants are the certainly the way to go and can really add to your chosen decor theme with texture and form, and that’s before we even get to the choice of planter! From sleek orchids to frothy ferns and luscious succulents, there are a whole host of fantastic houseplant varieties out there, just be sure to assess what lighting conditions your plant will get in its new location to give it the best start.

Get creative with pots and planters

Your choice of planter and pot can make a big difference to the look of your room so get creative and think about what items you can upcycle into a new planter or whether you need to invest in new to suit your kitchen decor.

For super contemporary spaces, squared gloss ceramic pots will perfectly complement the look where as rustic wooden crates, tins and vintage can planters will add an authentic detail to farmhouse styles. Upcycling is a fantastic way to get creative with planters, so if you’ve got lots of plant pots around but they’re looking a bit tired, experiment with a lick of paint to create metallic showstoppers, fun geometric designs or just a new block colour, the options are endless! Painting the inside of glass jars is another fun way to add colour, this works particularly well with pastels. Or why not upcycle unused or charity shop tea cups into fabulous plant pots, these are a great way to add subtle vintage style to your kitchen.

Add floral finishing touches

For those who want to add a floral touch without the upkeep, there are many finishing touches you can use and tiling is our favourite way to introduce natural patterns. From subtle tone on tone texture designs to bold geometric styles and elegant leaf patterns, floral splash backs and tiling features provide an inexpensive update to your kitchen which can change the feel of the room dramatically.Decorative tea light holders, lanterns and even floral inspired lighting design are more ways to bring flower inspired touches to your kitchen.

So now we’ve given you a million and one ways to bring bloom into a kitchen, which floral touches will you be introducing to yours? Please share your ideas in the comments.

Please share your ideas in the comments.